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Maybe you just need a good boost of confidence to get you through your first date, or at the beginning of a new relationship.Cognitive Hypnotherapy will swiftly get to the root cause of any relationship issues and change how you think.I can't believe what a different place I'm in now and how much has changed.

Meeting the right person can seem like an impossible task, but sometimes all you really need is just a helping hand to set you on the right path.Things are going well and we've been dating for almost 6 months now!We're also starting to think about moving in together as well.Fed up with dating sites, blind dates, match-making friends with good intentions, solo holidays?

Meeting the right person doesn't have to be life long career, but something that happens naturally and easily. I went out and got you a special treat for this episode. Emily Roberts is a Psychotherapist, Parenting Consultant, Educational Speaker and Published Author.


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