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Charice went on to say that she welcomes the idea of a concert tour with Foster and other international acts.

In a phone interview with on Friday, Charice said she has been communicating with Foster, her godfather, since late last year.

She said she will soon fly to Singapore to meet with Foster, who is one of the judges of "Asia's Got Talent." "Magpa-fly po ako doon para makapag-meeting kami kung ano ang magandang gawin na project.

And although I expect all kinds of hand-wringing from certain factions of the fan community at this news, I think it all ultimately amounts to a big “so what,” other than the fact that it is yet another indication of David’s new-found liberation and maturity.

Here’s the Charice performance (introduced by a platinum blond drag queen).

So ngayon lang nakahanap ng time kasi busy din siya.Ngayon, nakahanap ng right time para makapag-usap," she said.


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