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This is one way to gain confidence on coming up to somebody that captivated you.

You can’t deny that when you talk to someone, they tend to see you as a know-it-all (most likely you are) but when you practice talking to different people, you could gradually adjust to different personalities and even discover how to deal with those who give you the weird stares. 5 – Be an Interesting Geek Despite being interested on weird stuffs, it is still a good tip to stay updated with current issues or to interesting things that are trending.

When you try to be somebody else, the relationship you’ll be getting in to might not succeed because your partner will expect you to be that someone.



A Geeky Kind of Love If you are considered to be one of those socially choosy geeks and nerds (since people would sometimes misunderstand your likes), dating would be hard.You would sometimes end up online looking for tips on how to mask yourself and cover up your nerdy ways, but the answer there is not to pretend; it is actually to be yourself. If you are in to something that not everyone is fond of, the answer is not to forget that hobby. Dating isn’t just about knowing someone and falling in love, it’s actually more complicated than that so to save yourself from damage, the very first step is to know what kind of geek you are and find someone who is the same. 2 – Develop a Strong Foundation If you already started a relationship or have been in a relationship for long, it’s important to see if things are still on the same page.


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