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Collectors of vintage costume jewelry will find Sarah Coventry jewelry enchanting.

The elegant vintage jewelry collection spans the late 1940s through the mid 1980s.

Each piece of jewelry bares the identifying marks, which varied over the years.

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Find out more about the appeal of Sarah Coventry and where to find the jewelry today, even though the company is no longer in business.

In 1949, the founder of Emmons Home Fashion, Charles H.

Although the company did not design or manufacture the jewelry, Sarah Coventry was involved in determining which designs worked for the line.

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Stuart, came up with the concept for the collection of jewelry that grew to be known as "Sarah Coventry." Named after Stuart's granddaughter, Sarah Coventry began selling jewelry for women and men through home fashion shows and parties starting in 1949.

Sarah Coventry was sold exclusively at home parties and never sold in retail stores during the company's operation from 1949 to 1984.


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