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We are proud to have worked continuously with the CPS since 2003.

Visitor traffic grows every year and with well over two million visitors a year we continue our commitment to helping the CPS communicate effectively.

Interior designers had better watch their backs if the raft of fashion designers stepping on to their turf is anything to go by.

Not content with supermodels, catwalks and a roll call of rich and famous clients, these fashion designers are increasingly spreading their creative wings to include interior design projects for hotels – see Hotel Maison Moschino in Milan, the Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh or the Hotel Armani in Dubai - or even launching their own interiors collections.

Search for the perfect furniture with The Independent house and home database, powered by mydeco.


When the Ministry of Justice awarded them a contract worth up to £900m, GEOAmey asked Ecru to build a crisp, accessible, content managed, bilingual website, successfully delivered to a tight timescale and on-budget.Ecru was engaged by the IAP to redevelop their website in an epic project including multi-lingual content management, forum development, external system integration, community building and social media.


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