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For our purposes, the exact solution to the synoptic problem doesn't matter; what does matter is that the gospels where not written at the same time.century, we can have some confidence that the other gospels are at least as old.For one thing, there's evidence that the author of John was aware of the synoptic gospels.So considering that the oldest copies of the gospels are dated to around 400 AD (I'm thinking of the Codex Sinaiticus), how do scholars go about estimating the date of composition of the gospels?I mean I'm sure there are some textual clues; I mean I assume the usage of Koine would probably change somewhat over 300+ years but are there other clues that scholars use to estimate the general time of composition?However, he does not record two similar events which would make his case well.We can thus infer that he wrote Acts before those events took place.


In addition, many scholars believe that Luke and Matthew had Mark available when they wrote their biographies of Jesus.They additionally might have had access to an even earlier source.


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