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In general, the work we do covers a period in time known as the Holocene – this refers to approximately the past 11,500 years and is the period since the end of the last ice age.But depending on where we are working and when local peat formation began, cores may cover all of this period, just the past hundred years, or anywhere in between.Numerical techniques are best, but datable materials are often lacking, and in these cases age estimation must be made using relative-dating or correlation techniques.Relative-dating techniques are nearly always applicable but are not precise and require calibration.About 26 dating techniques can be applied to dating deposits and deformation of late Cenozoic age (past few million years).



Applying ages to our cores is central to all the research we do.

If we don’t know how old our cores are, then all we have is a record of past changes without context or the ability to compare to other records.


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