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The amp was originally looked over by Bill Webb of Fulton Webb / Austin Vintage Guitars in Austin, TX, and the restoration was completed by electrical engineers from the University of Texasat Austin, one of whom just received his Ph D.

This is amp is the genesis of that distinctive grit and unique tone that theearly Danelectro amps are famous for.

This is the very early work of Nate Daniel, and I have not found anything that compares to it.

Hi, and welcome to this listing for a piece of Danelectro history.

Up for sale is a very early Danelectro 2x12 guitar amp believed to be a prototype or very early pre-productionversion of the famous Twin Twelve Model 300, and the later Silvertone 1484 amp that has become the favorite of artists like Jack White, Beck, Death Cab For Cutie, The White Stripes/Jack White, Vampire Weekend, and Coldplay.

The guide says the first Twin Twelves were produced from 1949-1969 witha diagonal speaker configuration, diagonally mounted chassis, six inputs, and a tube layout as follows: preamp: 1 X 12AX7, 1 X 6AU6, 1 X 6FQ7, power: 4 X 6L6GC, rectifier: 5U4GB.

None of this is true for this amp as the tubes are different, the control panel is separate from the chassis, and there are three inputs as opposed to six.

diagonally-mounted heavy-duty speakers, guitar combo, eight tube diagonally-mounted chassis, preamp: 1 X 12AX7, 1 X 6AU6, 1 X 6FQ7, power: 4 X 6L6GC, rectifier: 5U4GB, two channels, vibrato, rear control panel, six inputs (three per channel), seven control knobs (Ch. B v, amplification, b, t, s, i), brown simulated leather covering, two light brown four-leaf clover grille cloth designs, mfg.


There is a reason that JHS has made a pedal based on the lineage of this amp, and this amp bringstogether all the characteristics that has made this family of amps rise up and compete with classic vintage amps like the tweed Fender Twin and Deluxe models.I have provided a very detailed photo album that shows every step of the restoration process.


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