Dating someone with sleep apnea

The only weird thing for me was that I needed to try to figure out when he was asleep so that I could then put on my mask and go to sleep.

I'd wonder what else they were hiding once they came clean." - Sleepless in St. When I got my first CPAP I was a little embarrassed too. When I first received my mask, I put it on along with a motorcycle helmet and paraded around the house in front of my family and friends. They even called me Maverick from the movie Top Gun for a little while. I have a new boyfriend now, and even though we haven't taken things to that level yet, I made it clear to him upfront that I have it, why I have it, and how much better I feel with it. He's used to the idea and even reminds me to use it, he can tell when I haven't used it in awhile by the way I look, feel, and act.You'd be surprised how well men can handle these things." - downriverrose "Well, my long-distance boyfriend just left after a week long visit.


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