Dating someone with opposite political views

They know how to focus on what they agree on and to accept their differences and they don't dwell on their different political views.

Most married couples have approximately ten issues or disagreements that they will never resolve.

Marriages like the James Carville-Mary Matalin marriage give credence to the idea that married couples on different sides of the political fence can be successful.

The key to these marriages is the fact that these couples obviously have a lot in common in other areas of their lives.

If one of you is indifferent to social or political issues and the other is very passionate on these topics, you may face a very difficult journey together.

Some areas of life such as the role of women or differing parenting beliefs cannot be compromised.One spouse will have to let go of strong convictions in situations such as if she wants kids and he doesn't, or if she believes in spanking and he doesn't, or if he wants the kids to have an allowance, and she doesn't.These differences can create major problems in a marital relationship.Ten Marriage Deal Breakers Some couples may be mismatched.


If you are faced with ideological divisions, you need to work together to have healthy, challenging debates.

There may be times when your differences will make it difficult to reach a decision in your lives.


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