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We’re aware that many of you are patiently awaiting the release of Backup Assist v7.0, so you’ll be pleased to know we have a date!

Yes, we expect the latest iteration of your favourite backup software to be live and available for download on Monday the 25th February.

We now learn that with the second beta release, the driver can pause and re-engage self-parking mid-process.

Even though the new ‘Autopilot’ features will technically allow Model S owners with the appropriate hardware to drive on the highway without having to touch the steering wheel, the system works only where the road markings are clearly visible and drivers will have to stay alert and be ready to take over the controls from the ‘Autopilot’.

There’s still no firm release date for Tesla’s v7.0 software update, but recent speculation suggests the company might make a push to time the update with the release of the Model X, which is scheduled for September 29th.

Today we learn that Tesla released the second version of its beta v7.0 update to early access testers.

For previous releases, Tesla was able to update the beta fairly quickly for a wide-release just weeks after the original release to testers, but v7.0 being highly sensitive safety-wise, the beta testing process is taking longer than usual.


Without it, any jobs you’ve configured will stop running on the 19th of February, however no configuration will be lost and you can still upgrade afterwards if needed.

Last month we wrote a first look at Tesla’s much-anticipated v7.0 software update with new ‘Autopilot’ features expected to be released later this year.

In v7.0, the dashboard displays the car’s surroundings and with the latest release, the system will highlight a car if the active cruise control is tracking it.

Like previously reported, the new update includes auto-steering, automatic lane-changing activated by the turn signal and automated parallel parking.

Renew your beta keys If you’re running the latest Backup Assist v7.0.0b3 beta, you may have noticed it’ll expire on the 18th of February.

Please note that to continue to use the beta version you’ll need to download the latest version 7.0.0b3u1.


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