Dating sites as hi5

So where is it that can you look to find alternative to myspace web sites and services like Bebo, Facebook, Facepic, MSN Spaces Live or Xanga that only deal with Christian content and friendship? here's the Christian networking sites that we managed to pull off the Internet - plus some articles along the same lines.


Christian Social Networks & Social Groups site What about a service like this just for Christians?

Well - there are mow dozens of Christian friendship sites and friendster type websites, facebook or myspace alternatives for meeting new Christian friends on the Internet with a sharp recent increase specializing in just being a social networking serivice.

But with that said I have also met some very nice women with good intentions. The other chat sites like badoo, HI5, tagged were hard to maneuver but may be better for hookups you are looking for.

After screening process and getting down to business most of them eventually want to chat on Facebook or Whatsapp so hopefully you have those. One thing i noticed on fotos is if they post 5 fotos and 4 are hot and 1 average looking they almost always look like the average looking foto.


I dated more Dominican women from this site than any other. By far the best is The fee is about a a day if that is to expensive well........should probably be looking for the girl next door.


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