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Catholicism in Ireland is a long tradition, dating back as far as St.Patrick, who is said to have brought Christianity to the island around 432 AD.This weekend is suitable for beginners and will provide a clear and very gentle introduction to Centering Prayer.The series takes a narrative approach to the Bible; it divides it into[...]Experience the beauty, joy and peacefulness of dancing mandala patterns together in a circle to inspiring music.Dances on this weekend will centre on the Canticle of the Sun by St.Francis of Assisi as[...]Being an Adult in the World – Resolving Childhod Insecurities with – Fr Jim Cogley- at Emmaus Retreat Centre Ancient scripts repeat and patterns recur.


Throughout the nineteenth Century, Catholicism offered hope and a way of life for Ireland's wretched rural poor.

Throughout the 20th Century the Catholic Church again played a massive role in education, health care and welfare for the poorest in society.


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