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But academic researchers, speaking at a May conference for education journalists in Boston, said they don’t see evidence of a worsening racial separation across the country, as if whites and minorities who once learned in the same classrooms were now heading to different schoolhouses. population that’s changing, not a redistribution of races in our schools, as the word It’s worth remembering that even at the peak of integration, in the late 1980s, schools were still quite segregated.

And the word “resegregation” gets bandied about frequently at education conferences and in the press.

You can find examples of that in some regions and communities, but the data don’t show that for the nation as a whole.

Similarly, you would need evidence of white students flocking away from minorities.

Back in 1996, for example, the average white student attended a school that was 81 percent white.

That figure is now below 75 percent, according to the most recent data.


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