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Yes heartbreak can be transformed into something life changing and beautiful.

Change can be painful but do you know what’s more painful?

Staying somewhere that we can’t fully live to our highest purpose.

Yes breakups hurt like hell but it hurts more when you stay somewhere you’re not respected or wanted.

Be sure to subscribe for more great tips at post a comment on this video! Oct 8, 2016 | Blog, Uncategorized It’s the weekend! I’m not saying go into your date with a bunch of neon colors. A cute pink blouse or blue dress is the perfect option for some bright options. Classy can be incredibly sexy without showing too much skin. Makeup can accentuate your features or make it appear that you just got off your day job...

We literally have just a few seconds to make a great 1st impression.

We can either let it knock us down or we can choose to rise from it.

Think of how amazing life would be if we decided to take heartbreak and make something beautiful out of it.

A breakup can ultimately wake us up to realize what we really deserve in a relationship. My wish is that every woman will see her great value and beauty.

We are each created for a beautiful purpose beyond what we can see in the pain.


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    Remember, your dating life, just like your career, is an investment that will pay off in the end with enough patience and diligence.

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