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Who will respond to a mental health crisis when someone is having a "nervous breakdown" and there isn't a relative or friend nearby capable of helping the individual to get the assistance they need?The staff of this program provide pre-employment counseling, job placement, and job coaching to individuals with mental illness who are ready to enter the world of work.Residents of this program attend their therapy or medical appointments independently and are able to manage their medications on their own.This program is designed to be temporary in nature, meaning that people live there This program provides people who have demonstrated the ability to manage their psychiatric symptoms and activities of daily living with the opportunity to live in what is known as permanent housing.

Others with mental illness struggle to live independently in their own apartments.

This program too is a scattered site program with apartments in Brooklyn & Queens.

Some people live with roommates, some live on their own.

Providing tenants with the opportunity for stable housing with supports, the program currently hosts several married couples, many of whom are graduates of our residences and supportive apartment programs.

This program is located in the Kadimah day program and is easily accessible to participants as they begin to explore interests in more challenging undertakings.- a host of other activities and skill building designed to prepare an individual for graduation into more independent living; be it to the Apartment Treatment Program, Supported Housing or in the community on one’s own.


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