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DOL continued to publish the SCA Standard WDs, even-numbered (i.e., 1994-2104 or 1994-2114), listing the pre-existing, higher H&W rate of .56 per hour until the lower H&W rate reached or exceeded the .56 per hour.



He sued on behalf of a putative class, alleging violations of California’s Dating Service Contract Act and other claims.: the court first tackles standing and says that it’s not adequately alleged here.“ If the user knows the city where the work will be performed, but needs help in identifying the county in which that city is located, the web sites for the U. Geological Survey (USGS) and the National Association of Counties (NACO) provide tools that may be used to identify the county. On June 1, 1997, DOL initiated a new methodology to determine an appropriate, single SCA H&W benefit rate for SCA Standard WDs.The new, lower rate, listed on the odd-numbered SCA WDs (i.e., 1994-2103, or 1994-2113), was originally established at .91 per hour, to be revised in stages over several years (each increase to be published annually on June 1st).

Grindr, an online dating app, allegedly failed to address this in its terms of service.A plaintiff signed up for Grindr Xtra (the monthly fee-based version of its site), cancelled and did not receive a full refund (for the remainder of the month).


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