Dating patricia quintana


Here are the famous transgender woman and idolize of all people in the Philippines and in asian countries.World class beauty with poise, elegance and golden heart.Life of transgender is not easy, some are discriminated, but if you’re a simple person no educational attainment it’s not easy to get a job.So, many transgender woman are escort, and ladyboy webcam girl because they want an easy money.Exposures of transgender community during sinulog parade in Cebu very talented, and very creative of making beautiful colorful custom as well.And Of course they can make happy to the audience because mostly transgender knows how to entertain people, they are a good entertainer of every party to show their talent to the community, and it’s an exposure to the world that they can do to make people happy.Mostly transgenders people are victims of bullying because LGBT are tolerated but not totally accepted that’s the fact, but very proud to those who live with a decent life and decent job specially in BPO industry where transwoman are accepted.

To learn more about this topic concerning issue about gender identity and sexual orientation just follow about During super sereyna its the most prestigious pageant in the Philippines.If you want to know her more just follow on her official Facebook account & Instagram acount.


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