Dating oost europeaan

The templates and web resources will remain here at which will also have a redesign. For family and friends the new address is which is up and running now but still a work in progress.Everything else will be found at my new domain - which will also have a new design. Why not visit now and bookmark it in readiness for the changeover.

Shame I can't convince her about the rhubarb though!!Click the image below to see the latest photographs of Charlotte added today.


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  2. eric   •  

    By your fourth wedding anniversary you are definitely a couple.

  3. eric   •  

    By the end of 1975, most of the settler Portuguese population had left Mozambique in fear of violent retaliation for colonial crimes.

  4. eric   •  

    Join a chat room now and see who is waiting to chat with you!

  5. eric   •  

    David is now my husband to be and we are now planning our wedding.

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