Dating maps globes

A globe of 1926 vintage will not have Central Australia, but one from 1927 may or may not we will never know.

It's important to realize that globe makers played to their home markets, for example a British cartographer might be faster to update a change in a British territory, whereas an American cartographer might be slower to make a change.

1949: Isreal recognized 1953: The Kingdom of Egypt is renamed Republic of Egypt So within this list there are some key dates that represent a spike in value.


Keep in mind that updating globe gores was expensive. Probably not and dating globes geographically is 80% history, 20% common sense.

An important political change in one part of the world might have been looked at as minor somewhere else. So with that I plan to offer a common sense globe dating guide, I want to fill in the blanks but since we concentrate on American globes we will look at the years 1830 to 1950.


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