Dating lds women

Explain that the prophets have also given inspired counsel about expressions of affection in dating relationships.In order for the young women to follow the counsel, there are some words that they need to understand. In the next few years, the young women will make some very important decisions about young men. While some decisions in our lives may be made quickly, others require forethought and planning to ensure that they will bring the eternal consequence desired.At the hour of indulgence, pure love is pushed out one door while lust sneaks in the other.Your affection has been replaced with biological materialism and uncontrolled passion. “When the unmarried yield to the lust that induces intimacies and indulgence, they have permitted the body to dominate and have placed the spirit in chains.

Read the following quotation by President Spencer W.

Kimball: “If one really loves another, one would rather die for that person than injure him.

It is unthinkable that anyone could call this love” (Spencer W.

Kimball, Explain that if the young women are to keep their dating relationships happy and virtuous, they must keep their expressions of affection within the limits set by the Lord through his prophets.

Explain that the following quotations are a sample of instructions given by Church leaders about dating relationships. After each quotation is read, ask the young women: How do you feel about this counsel?How do you think this counsel can be a blessing to you?


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