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She wanted to stop at the florist but none in Boston were open after 10."I'll get her flowers tomorrow for our date night."Jane pulled into her drive way.She did a last-minute check on her newly altered outfit.

" Jane asked ready to remind Korsak she bought the first round."Little Rizzoli." Vince nodded to Frankie. Don't gimme that shit."Korask choked on the last sip he had taken.

Jane laughed while patting his back."Don't go dyin' on me, Old Man. Especially since you and my Ma have been getting so chummy." Jane smiled."Yeah. " Frankie didn't wanna see his mother get hurt the way she did with the Lt."We're just friends. I'm her shoulder to lean on." Korsak answered honestly."That better be the only thing she's leanin' on Sarge." Jane stood after taking one more shot. Gunna go prove to the good doctor that bein one of the boys could be a very good thing."On her way home, Jane stopped at one of Maura's favorite stores and picked up a surprise.


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