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The truth is that Jamaicans have a strong work ethic. It will probably make for interesting conversation. In American society, being taken to meet a man’s family means that he’s serious about you. Very often someone in the family is throwing a party. But that doesn’t mean, should he be seeing someone else, that he won’t bring her to the next family party.

So don’t take an invite or a point where you meet his family as too big of a sign.

I’ve never been one to go after women who are younger than me.

The number doesn’t bother me; the maturity level does have an impact, though.

Usually then women I date are around my age and younger by a few years so “dati…

Whether you know a Jamaican man in your own country, or you are on vacation and are interested in dating a Jamaican man, the culture is a bit different than that of the U. The stereotype is that Jamaican men are controlling, womanizing, and disrespectful of women. We cannot stereotype or generalize, but the culture can be a little bit different. In fact, Jamaicans eat lots of fresh food prepared at home.

The truth is they are like any other group of people. Study the culture if you are seriously interested in someone of the Jamaican persuasion. If you are going out for a date, or hanging at home, realize that they don’t have the same fast food culture that we in the U. Fast food may be okay once in a while, but of course it isn’t healthy so he won’t appreciate eating it all the time.

So instead, why not prepare something at home, go to a healthier restaurant, or perhaps ask him to make one of his favorite dishes?


Jamaicans are said to have a number of jobs at one time.If you are a bit prudish, dating a Jamaican may not be for you.In American culture, talking about sex is done behind closed doors, never in front of the family.Also, Jamaican men often take what their mothers say to heart.


Understand that her opinion in his life in general, and of you specifically, may carry more weight than an American man’s.In Jamaican culture the attitude about sex is much more laid back, and may even be discussed in front of the family.


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