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This means most of the poignant moments come at the hands of our leading man, which makes for an unbalanced development but is, at least, still gratifying when we’re talking about such an endearing hero.

Episode Grade: B EPISODE 7 RECAP Bo-nui misses her deadline to snare her tiger and save her sister (by midnight), which sucks all the life out of her.

Today is a bit of a subdued affair, emotionally speaking, but it does give us some nicely rewarding moments of growth and understanding between characters.

I do wish some of that growth and understanding would come on the part of our heroine, whose sweet character and personality makes me to root for her, although her actions can be exasperating.

Su-ho hangs back and overhears the exchange, then follows Bo-nui outside, looking on with sympathetic eyes.

Bo-nui walks off in the pouring rain and thinks despairingly that she wishes everything were a dream.

She trudges to the hospital feeling bleak, where she finds Su-ho waiting for her, although she just turns away without acknowledging him.


Then, out of nowhere an umbrella appears over her head.It’s Su-ho, who calls himself her walking, talking, umbrella-holding telephone pole (she’d called him that when drunk).


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