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In other words, people are apt to give false information, because they believe that the person they’re talking to is not really looking for a serious relationship. Visit Casinos Frequented by Locals The same rules about bars applies to the casinos.

Instead, choose clothes that allow you to move comfortably in a hot climate. Avoid Bars, Especially Along The Strip Locals describe the bar scene as being a victim of the “Vegas mentality.” In other words, people do not come to a Vegas bar in search of a serious relationship.


Consider this: There are about two million permanent residents in Las Vegas. While it may not be easy to find your perfect match, it’s far from impossible. Live like a local Most locals will tell you that only visitors and second-home owners choose homes on The Strip.

There are a large number of condominium developments outside of the city center.


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    This is great for an aspiring kisser to know as it is one of the most obvious and potent signs you can get.

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