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As a woman and a part of this company, that’s something I’m proud to be a part of.” The site does ask members to share their political viewpoints, along with a range of other serious-to-funny questions, but members can answer personality-based questions at their discretion.

Members can also upload additional photos, send virtual gifts to other users, and choose between messaging or live chat options.

Traverse City, MI -(Ammo In the wide world of dating sites, one newcomer stands out as an instant hit with gun owners and firearm enthusiasts.

Concealed Carry launched on August 14, 2016 with instant media coverage and opening-day traffic of 10,000 interested visitors.

Jim Minthorn, Founder and Owner of the company, came up with the idea for site partially from his own experiences as a permit holder and gun enthusiast looking to network with others.“There is a huge concealed carry population in this country, but the information & communication resources we currently have need to catch up to the demand.

We are doing just a small part to fulfill that need.”Concealed Carry is based in Traverse City, and currently offers memberships to residents of the United States.

It makes for a relaxed start to any potential relationship.”The site is currently offering a free 14 day trial when members sign up for a 1 week trial, or free registration with limited access. Concealed carry permits amongst women in the US have risen by 270% since 2007 (Lott, Whitley, Riley, 2015).“Women are proud to be gun owners; they are strong women, confident that they can defend themselves.

Cosmo is the latest women’s mag to come out with an article to shame male gun owners, and presumably the women who date them.Ah, if only the big GOP donors had paid attention to a wise blogger who keeps telling them to spend their money buying up women’s magazines instead of flushing their coin down crappy candidates. Looking at the things from the perspective of 42, I’d dump them.


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