Dating for teens online ages 13 15

Since young people tend to be more digitally connected, any repercussions can be expected to be most felt among them.

A Michigan State University study took a look at how online dating may be impacting young people.


These days we are confronted with a digital revolution.

So many things are changing at once that it can be difficult to comprehend how our new technologies are impacting us.

Rather than physical violence, online dating abuse takes the form of digital harassment, stalking via email or text messages, threatening language, attempts to control the partner or insulting them online.

Some may shake their heads in disbelief that these sorts of problems rise to the level of violent physical abuses, but the Michigan State study demonstrates that these abuses do, in fact, negatively impact health and wellness among young adults.


The researchers next looked to see how those experiences related to other risky or negative behaviors manifested in the lives of the young people.

Researchers found that young women who had been sexually or physically abused by someone they dated when they were 13 to 19 years old were almost four times more apt to smoke compared to young ladies who had never experienced abuse in their dating relationships.


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