Dating for poor people dating phisanulok

I say poor not because we are but my history compared with hers might as well indicate I am poor compared to her. All seems well but that may just be the initial infatuation. I don;t know what to think really otehr than to take it day by day. What are your experiences personal or knwoing someone in my situation. With us men, even though we have to have money, at least if you are not as attractive or a little overweight, having money can often offset this, but for women, if she is ugly, she is pretty much a write off for the most part.I can;t help but be bothered by the obstacles which are sure to come up in the future with her family accepting this poor immigrant and his family... Can love transcend our social/cultural differences? Education socioeconomic standing will do very little to enhance her if she is ugly.That said, paradoxically, they never have any cash on them.With men, good looks will not get you there as much but it is in each man's power to turn it around.I think if you are industrious and hardworking and intend to make something out of your life, it will not matter . you are willing to settle for "being poor," it most likely will matter in the future. I am also a first-generation immigrant and had to build my own foundation in life from scratch. (And when I say "rich", I mean people who are born into wealth and grow up in that environment.) They just live on some other planet, and if you aren't one of them, it's really, really hard to connect.I come from a low-middle class family which lives in an apartment. V, my onw car but I do still live with the folks in the apartment.The relationship I have with my GF is fairly new but from the info i've gathered she hasn;t really dated anybody "poor" before.


The fact that you are even thinking about it seems to indicate you have some kind of an issue around it, which could also impact your relationship (if you feel "less than") . I'm sorry so say, my experiences dating rich men (I went to one of those schools) were invariably negative. Preliminarily, I found that they tended to have real difficulty having fun in ways that did not involve an obscene expenditure of money.

My experiences being friends with rich women were likewise disastrous. If you are poor, it either makes you take on expenses you can't afford, or puts you in a very uncomfortable position of having them spend thousands of dollars on you.


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