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This includes fetuses (unborn babies still inside their mothers) and small children. Second hand smoke is the smoke that comes out of the lit end of a cigarette and that a smoker exhales (breathes out).Second hand smoke is also called passive smoke, involuntary smoke, and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). government agency called the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has labelled cigarettes as a Group A carcinogen. The EPA put cigarettes in the same group with arsenic, which is a deadly poison, and asbestos, a cancer causing material that used to be put around pipes to insulate them. He listed three conclusions: First: Involuntary smoking is a cause of disease,including lung cancer, in healthy nonsmokers.That means nonsmoking workers in a smoking office have the same lung damage as a mild smoker.They have a 34% higher risk of getting lung cancer than workers who do not smoke or breathe second hand smoke on the job.


About 53,000 people die from second hand smoke every year. Source: Centers for Disease Control In 1986 the Surgeon General of the U. Second: The children of parents who smoke compared to children of nonsmoking parents have an increased frequency of respiratory infections, increased respiratory symptoms and slightly smaller rates of increase in lung function as the lung matures.When we breathe second hand smoke, we are breathing the same 4,000 chemicals a cigarette smoker breathes. Third: Simple separation of smokers and non-smokers within the same airspace may reduce, but does not eliminate, exposure of nonsmokers to environmental tobacco smoke.


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