Dating fender tweed cases

The universal interior allows for right or left handed Tele/Strat guitars and is lined in soft plush.The interior also has two accessory compartments and an extra wide neck support.Read More{is Pre Order=false, pim Status=R1, is Free Shipping=true, visibility Sale Price=119.99, type Condition=New, status Text=In stock, is Price Drop=false, display Sku=H81244000001000, sku Price Visibility=1, sticker Url Link=null, sticker URL=null, serialized=false, list Price=119.99, is Ships International=false, name=Tweed, MSRP=139.99, inventory Status=1000, new Price=119.99, status=instock, condition=New, sticker Class=null, sticker Text=Top Seller, Your Saving=20.000000000000014, MSRPRange=false, available In Store Only=false, sale Price=119.99, warranty=false, display Id=1330097659937, sticker Desc=Top Seller, is On Sale=false} {"product":{"id":"H81244","stock":"instock","price":"119.99","name":"Pro Series Stratocaster/Telecaster Tweed Guitar Case","download":false,"sku_id":"H81244000001000","rep_id":"site51330125612258695669","display Id":"1330125612258695669","sku_display_id":"1330097659937","sku_rep_id":"site51330097659937","gc_pro":false},"category":"Cases, Gig Bags & Covers","page Name":"product_detail","subcategory":"Stringed Instrument Cases, Gig Bags & Covers","dept":"Accessories"} The Fender Pro Series Stratocaster/Telecaster Tweed Guitar Case captures the quintessential look and feel of classic Fender.Designed to be lightweight and durable, this case maintains traditional design styling.


Fullerton era strat cases have the typical duckfoot leather pull tab on the interior compartment while later cases have an oval pulltab.The very first reissue cases from 1982 did not have the metal "Fender" tag on the outside of the case.It was not until after the first few months of production that Fender added the metal "Fender" tag to the outside of the case, near the leather handle.Exterior features chrome hardware and two locking latches.

All AVRI strats came with a Fender tweed case with brown leather handles and endcaps.The Fullerton era strat cases also tend to have a darker red hue to the interior, whereas cases from the Corona factory are typically more orange.


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