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Did it seem to you that the majority of prostitutes were high school dropous and have drug problems?Was it likely that some of them were just doing it to get some quick cash to move on with their lives? Did they seem to act as though they were only thinking about the money and not about what they were doing?Since this is something almost nobody ever admits to, I imagine some people might be curious about the world of sex for hire. I only hired women (as far as I know), so I can't answer anything about gay prostitution. I'm talking about picking up hookers on the street, although I did use an agency a couple of times. I still remember going w/ a friend down 'ho stro' (as my friend called it) at about 2am...I will be completely honest, but will avoid answering any questions that may give away my identity. Did you use a special hooker most of the time or did any old one do? Were any of them good looking or did you care about that at all? some of the most scary looking 'women' (i use that term VERY loosley here) standing around in their underwear. Only about 10% of the women insisted on using condoms for oral sex.We carry a full line of local and imported beers, rotating in new beers all the time. Our House red and white wines are only a glass and a bottle.Check out our monthly wine, whiskey & beer tastings. Kafe Kerouac has thousands of records and books in stock. In 2011, Kafe Kerouac will be focusing on selling more locally made goods. In truth, Kafe Kerouac is an alternative space to hang out with friends and enjoy great coffee, baked goods, beer, wine, and more… Our house coffee is locally roasted with fair trade beans.


I didn't discriminate based on looks, but rather on a gut feel of how good she would be at performing sexual favors. The cops were very forthright that they couldn't arrest me because they couldn't prove whether the illegal acts had occurred yet.

The closest call was when I approached a woman in my car and asked her to get in so we could talk. I told all of them that I had engaged in non-safe sex many times with women I did not know and would never see again. They all were willing to sleep with me and none has reported any STDs to me.

I did not use condoms for oral sex unless the woman insisted. Or do you mean was the thrill more in the hunt than in the sex?

There were two women I had intercourse with without a condom (one of them several times). I have been tested for everything they can test for and all results have been negative. I enjoyed the sex, but generally was disgusted with myself afterwards because I longed for a real relationship but took the easy way out by paying for sex instead. Since Pretty Woman, I've wondered about the level of "professionalism" in that line of work.

This includes Patty Cake Bakery, Watershed Gin and Vodka, Oyo Vodka, Neil House Brewery, Columbus Brewing Company, and Elevator Brewing.I availed myself of the services of prostitutes from the age of 22 until I was 31 (ending about 3 years ago). Are you unable to get women to sleep with you without paying them? If you have ever been intimate with a non-prostitute, did you tell her about your high-risk past? Maybe I'm just moral stricken but to me hookers = bleh.


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