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Secondly, with respect to criterion validity (sensitivity, specitivity, area under ROC and positive and negative predictive values), the newly constructed shortened GDS was validated in the AGED data set (n = 333), using DSM-IV diagnosis for depression as measured by the SCAN as 'gold standard'.

The eight-item GDS that resulted from stage 1 showed good internal consistency in both the Assess data set (alpha = 0.86) and the AGED dataset (alpha = 0.80).

To construct a patient- and user-friendly shortened version of the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) that is especially suitable for nursing home patients.

The study was carried out on two different data bases including 23 Dutch nursing homes.

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Methods: We used a quantitatively driven mixed-methods design with sequential supplementary qualitative components.

In the AGED dataset, high sensitivity rates of 96.3% for major depression and 83.0% for minor depression were found, with a specificity rate of 71.7% at a cut-off point of 2/3.

Given that the GDS-8 is less burdening for the patient, more comfortable to use and less time consuming, it may be a more feasible screening test for the frail nursing home population.


ABSTRACT: Symptoms of depression are often reported among patients with a cancer diagnosis.Strong sense of coherence (SOC) is shown to be associated with less depression in the general older population and among nursing homes (NH) residents in particular.


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