Dating dmoyo

Nor can she be dismissed as a renegade who has rejected her roots.

She is deeply wounded by the lack of development in Zambia, her home country. The first stage in her argument is that aid is easy money.

She catalogues evidence, both statistical and anecdotal.

But the core of her argument is that there is a better alternative.

If governments had to rely upon private financial markets they would become accountable to lenders, and if they had to rely upon taxation they would become accountable to voters.

Aid is like oil, enabling powerful elites to embezzle public revenues.


Here is an African woman, articulate, smart, glamorous, delivering a message of brazen political incorrectness: cut aid to Africa.Aid, she argues, has not merely failed to work; it has compounded Africa's problems. Educated at Harvard and Oxford, she heads the Africa strategy of a major bank.


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