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Gurumaa would lighten the heart with happiness and a feeling of celebration with her divine words and preachings.

It was at 21 years of age that Guruma left her home and stayed in the mountain areas of Rishikesh.

Time and again it’s proven that when the world faces hatred God sends a guide; a Prati roop of his; a shadow of his to remove the evil from within and guide the path of spiritual awakening with love for all.

Finding the real us and seeking happiness within us.

The people would feel the fragrance of the divine presence listening to her and been present at her Satsangs.

From very early age, Gurumaa welcomed the saints, seers shared wisdom and they always felt Gurumaa isn’t an ordinary child but an extraordinary child with deep knowledge of spiritually.Anandmurti Gurumaa at an early age of fifteen went for pilgrimage to various holy places and all the followers would surround her to hear her spirituals thoughts and Satsangs.Anandmurti Guruma has welcomed all faiths believers of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Sufism, as her thought of spirituality is the purest in nature with no distinction between caste, region or religion.Gurumaa disciplines the various techniques of Yoga, meditation, Sufism, Zen and various other methods with which we can have self-realization.

Anandmurti Gurumaa born on 8th April 1966 at Amritsar in Punjab, India. And read many spiritual scriptures, Geeta and shared experiences.An Arts graduate from a convent school who from childhood had spiritual insight and with depth thought beyond the mind into the soul-searching path. Gurumaa always showered care and warmth around her.


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