Dating customs in cuba


Many cultures mark the beginning of a marriage with an elaborate ceremony, others have no formal ceremony and may be marked by some kind of gesture such as moving into the home of one's chosen partner.Life after the wedding varies widely from culture to culture, usually with the married couple starting a life together.The mixing of cultures that occurred in Cuba not only brought about the physiognomic miscegenation, but also, different customs, traditions, myths and legends that Cuban people adopted and enriched with his own daily experience and his unique creative fantasy throughout this more than five centuries of existence. Havana Buildings & Architecture - A guide about the architecture of Havana.Spain Traditions - Spanish traditions, culture, fiestas and more. For that reason, the Cuban people are so genuine; their idiosyncrasy took root in themselves since the birth of their genes.There are countless qualities characterizing the sons of this land, they are enterprising, optimist, hospitable, talkative, modest and charismatic people. Cuban Food & Drink Recipes - The perfect mixing of Spanish, African & Caribbean cuisines. Varadero Beach Resorts & Hotels - Online Reservation of Varadero Cuba Hotels.



Each culture has set rules to determine who is appropriate to marry and who is not.

The ethnic symbiosis that took place in Cuba from the time of the Spanish colonization when Spaniards mixed with natives of the island and later, with black slaves brought from Africa, gave place to a new individual, the Creole.

This was the name of a new human being, native of this land that emerged as a result of a transculturation process when Cuban native race already became extinct.

Cuban marriages are always between one woman and one man.

Cuban traditions are rich in part due to the racial mix which brings together religions, music, arts, cultures, foods, drinks and more from several places f the world.

In this site we will guide you to explore the diversity of the Cuban Traditions.


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