Dating chinese pottery Live cam kolkatta woman

You can learn by securing catalogs from major auction houses and visiting museums.In addition, you should purchase books to help you learn about dating Chinese porcelain.Whether you have never bought Chinese porcelain before or are an experienced collector, you should know the facts about how to date these special pieces.Unfortunately, certificates of authenticity and appraisals may not always be genuine.The best books contain detailed information and photographs, which will help you to identify and date genuine Chinese porcelain artifacts.

The earliest evidence for art in any form in ancient China consists of crude cord-marked pottery and artifacts decorated with geometric designs found in Mesolithic sites in northern China and in the Guangdong-Guangxi regions.

Anyone who loves Asian history or art, or those with an eye for quality antiques, may want to purchase Chinese porcelain.

On occasion, you can find Chinese porcelain at a high-end antique store or auction houses.

However, smart collectors rely on e Bay as their top resource for Chinese porcelain.


As you might expect with such a large time span, there are many variances among porcelain collectibles.Before you begin investing in porcelain pieces, you should learn as much as you can about the various styles that appeared within the two major dynasties.


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