Dating chinese guy america


And four, marry a nice Taiwanese girl.” Thirty years later, and I’m two for four.

Chinese dating is just as confusing, and wonderful, as any other type of dating.

But in traditional Chinese families, the parents may expect to have a say.

As with any culture, not everyone from China shares the same beliefs.

This trait seems to have deep social and even biological roots, but I would not hurry to tag it as racist - since these preferences refer to color of skin without attaching any personal characteristics to people themselves. My friends, himself, also thinks that it is not an good idea to marry a foreign woman.

I think most Chinese born men would prefer white women, but I would like to know if more Chinese men would consider dating a black woman? But, generally speaking, most Chinese girls want to be whiter and I believe that it also finds reflection in the preferences of Chinese men. She told me that she would be the first one who opposes her brother if he marries a foreign woman including black women.

I'll be going to Shanghai for a study abroad program and I am very interesting in meeting Chinese born men.

I think that the Chinese guy dating a black girl wouldn't be a typical guy, but in fact it's good - since you are looking for a special one, right? Due to the culture differences and language difficulties, it is hard to communicate with her. But i do have to say that i never saw a chinese man with a black girl.. But of course there are people who like banana and people who prefer pear...

By the way, in my blog - Love Love China - my last post is exactly about this problem: you might find their some additional information and read comments of other people about it (including a black American guy who has a Chinese girlfriend). It depends on the individual, for the people who say "No Chinese men won't date an African/African Descent person because of cultural reasons and blah blah" There are alot of Chinese men out there that are dating/married to african/african american women. so just go and ask ^^I happen to like black women more than any women of any kind, and i am a nitive chinese, may i be blessed if i have a chance to knew you .So not all Chinese men or Asian men in general think like that and let their parents control their love life. best wishs -------Alex underwood oh, i forgot that, my email is " ooh girl am sorry but i have to let you know the truth, they do not date black girls and they will not even consider it, I've being living in china for a year , i fell in love with a Chinese guy, went further and told him how i feel about him, cause i thought they are too shy to express themselves...guess what he said we can only be friends, decided to give him time to think about it..told me am beautiful but the problem is my skin color .....i really like him but what to do?


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