Dating baseball bats

Police are hunting a baseball-bat wielding gang who stormed a busy restaurant and knifed a young man in front of terrified families.

The violence was captured on CCTV inside the Steakout diner in Norbury, south London, in footage that has been viewed thousands of times on Facebook.

Around a dozen hooded thugs rasacked the restaurant, throwing tables and chairs, to surround the 23-year-old victim as diners, including a mother and her young daughter, dived for cover.

He was beaten to the floor, struck repeatedly with baseball bats and slashed with a steak knife before managing to stagger to safety in a back room.

“Officers attended and were informed that a group of men had entered a restaurant and attacked a customer with baseball bats.

Duty manager Imran Ali hit the panic button to alert police but both the attackers and victim escaped the scene before officers arrived.


Witnesses today told of the devastation left in the wake of the attack last week.

One regular customer said: “It’s shocking, they totally wrecked the place.

There were women and kids around but the attackers clearly didn’t care.

“This isn’t a place you associate with that kind of thing, it’s normally busy with families but never violent.” Atif Iqbal, area manager of Steakout, said: “It was a spontaneous fight between customers, it wasn’t planned.

“We are a family restaurant and want to provide a safe environment.

This is the first incident like this in our eight years.” A Met spokesman said: “Detectives in Croydon are investigating after being called to a disturbance at London Road, Norbury, on Wednesday, 30 March.


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