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It sounds quite feasible for the time, but unfortunately, there are no known examples made precisely to this patent.As we begin our journey into the 21st century, there are many things we now take for granted that were of great importance to our forebears. Although far fewer people are doing their own home canning at the beginning of this century than did at the beginning of the last, the early years of home canning had an effect that touches many aspects of our present life.It was the perseverance of the 19th-century housewives to preserve food for their families to be used through the non-growing months that brought us to where we stand today in food preservation.Fruit jar development made it possible for the commercial canners to develop ways to provide us with canned fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be unavailable during much of the year.Today’s collectible fruit jars were the indirect result of Napoleon’s desire to rule all of Europe – and possibly the world.

Those early fruit jar pioneers paved the way for the tinned and bottled foods that we buy so easily at the supermarket.Many of the jars they used are marvels of engineering.The name “fruit jar” comes from the fruits that were put up in open-top jars and bottles and sealed with combinations of corks and wax.It was the sugar content in the syrup that kept these fruits from quickly spoiling, rather than Appert’s method of destroying the bacteria by boiling.

The prize was won by Nicolas Appert, the father of home canning, who discovered that foods tightly corked in a bottle and subjected to heat by boiling would keep for long periods of time.

His work led to the development of the fruit jar as we know it today.


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