Dating antique jars

Find out more about your Disney collectibles, such as how much they might be worth or what items sold for in the past.

Includes pinbacks, comics, Disney Classics, Mickey Mouse, snow globes and cookie jars.

Until recently, with relatively few exceptions, bottles made after the turn of the twentieth century have had little value to the collector.


Recently milk bottles and painted label soda bottles, both of which were made after the turn of the century, have become collectible because there is a good supply of these items and there is great variety of both types of bottles.There are twelve important factors that determine the value of any antique bottle.Any one of these factors is frequently not sufficient in and of itself to make a bottle valuable.The mold seam on older bottles, pre-1900 (non- machine made), stops before running over the top of the lip.

You'll find a picture of every bottle listed along with accurate descriptions and up-to-date prices. FIND OUT " bottles are generally the earliest an America, dating from the 1600s to the late 1850s)." Iron Pontil" bottles range in age between 18.

Bottles made after the Civil War but before the first World War are referred to as "smooth based".


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