Dating an old fashioned man


With old-fashioned dating, there is no intention of having sex right away, or seeing if you could get them to send you a nude photo on their phone.

It’s just innocent bonding and companionship between two people. I think of a man opening a car door for a woman, or holding a door open at the store so that the woman and children can go in first.

If you look at dating sixty years ago and dating now, you would obviously see a huge difference.

When I think of dating the old-fashioned way, I think of a man asking a woman, as well as her mother and father, if he could take her out on a date.

A lot of times, I think it’s more a way of hooking up.

And as I see it, there is something good about that: because I believe the point in dating is finding that one person you can spend the rest of your life with and call your husband or your wife.

It shouldn’t be done as a hobby or something to pass time.


I think about treating people as people, and not as objects.

I think of two people going out on a date and trying to get to know each other to see if it’ll be anything long term.

Then they would do something innocent, like watch a movie or grab a burger and a pop.

And they would be back home at the exact minute their parents had wanted them home.


I’m not saying that you’re going to be able to marry the first person you date, or even the second.

But there should be a point to dating beyond, “This is fun for the moment, so let’s get together.” I don’t think we have to do everything the exact same way today, but I think if we dated with the same kind of morals and intentions as those who dated the old-fashioned way, I think we’d find it easier to find lasting love.


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