Dating a scottish man balls of steel concept of dating

However, it is a generalized comparison where not every single person of Scotland and Italy would fit.First of all, there are appearance differences between the Scottish and the Italians.I do not think I have ever seen a Scottish girl going out in jeans or any trousers, it seems the only thing allowed to a bar/pub is a dress.At least during a night out they do not have to be scared of not being seen when crossing a road. In comparison, Italian girls prefer decent dark colours, black and grey. The former ones use bright eye shadows while the later ones just black eye liner and mascara usually.Italian women have to stay very elegant even when they travel, so you will see them in a skirt, dress or very nice tight pair of jeans pulling a huge LV bag behind them. On the opposite, Scottish girls mostly travel with sweatpants on and hair in all directions (like I have all the time at home), without anything added on the face.But you would know that even without me saying so, right?


The exact opposite are the Scottish – a great majority are blond with eyes of any colour but dark.

Then the skin of the Scots is kind of transparent, very light and difficult to get tan (after sun exposure gets reddish instead), mostly covered with freckles.


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