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The Warriors group has been accused of killing a fellow gang leader.In order to play the game, players must usher The Warriors back to their turf far away from the starting point, Attack of the Fanboy reported.Contrary to its title, the game has nothing to do with ancient warriors similar to samurai and ninja but actually pertains to one particular street gang - The Warriors.The game is set in the streets of 1979 New York where street gang turf wars are in full throttle.The store also noted that some PS2 features may not function well in the PS4 version."The Warriors" game was launched over 10 years ago but it was re-released for PS3 in 2013 prior to the PS4 version."The Warriors" Re-Release Not Alone According to IGN, Rockstar Games has made a habit of re-releasing classic PS2 favorites for the latest console systems.

Game Spot reports that "The Warriors" is a game based on a same-titled movie.

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The gaming company has released an HD version of the game for North America and Europe players. While it is an HD version, reports say that "The Warriors" on PS4 is not a remaster.

"Warriors" on PS4, A Re-Release In the Play Station Store, "The Warriors" was listed as having a full 1080p "up-rendering and enhanced features." This means that the game has not been remastered but re-released with new features to include Shareplay, Remote Play, Trophies, Second Screen Support and Activity Feeds.


However, instead of focusing on the storyline, the game is centered on street gang fights and brawling. "The Warriors" wasn't exclusively released for PS2, it also had an Xbox version back in 2005 as well.

However, there has been no word so far if "The Warriors" will have an Xbox One re-release.


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