Dating a hundi man

At least, that’s the message that Hyundai’s newly released third Super Bowl ad called “First Date” wants to drive home to consumers before the kickoff at Levi’s Stadium this upcoming Sunday.(And that pun was totally intended) features comedian Kevin Hart and puts the spotlight on the Genesis Sedan.In recent ads, the brewer wooed viewers with heart-tugging ads featuring its Clydesdale horses and an adorable dog.The second-place winner was a wacky Heinz ad that featured dachshunds that donned hot-dog bun outfits.The dogs raced across a field and into the embrace of people dressed as mustard and ketchup.


In the ad, Hart plays the role of a controlling dad who, according to Ad Age, “stalks a guy taking his daughter on a date in a Genesis Sedan” while using the car’s wicked cool “car finder” app that locates the vehicle.(Or come to think of it, maybe it wouldn’t be so cool if our dads ruined our dates because of it).


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