Dangers of dating a narcissist height dating success

Humiliated by her mother’s narcissistic behavior, the little girl declares, “Why do you have to use me to show off?If you want to show off…then why don’t you learn to play chess?While the film plays one of her early victories, the woman’s voice says, “Even at that age, I knew I had an amazing gift: this power, this belief in myself… where I trusted myself completely.” The next scene flashes to the young girl being paraded around her neighborhood by her mother, who is carrying a with her daughter on the cover.

This cutting remark shatters the girl’s confidence, and, as her mother predicted, she can no longer win. When her daughter insulted her own ego, the mother in the film no longer saw use for her the young girl’s talent.

Her voiceover concludes the story with, “This power I had, this belief in myself… She didn’t support her daughter playing chess, because it made her daughter feel good or gave her confidence.



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    Acceptance and understanding among your peers plays a vital role in recovery, and it can be both comforting and beneficial to be able to share experiences and discuss relevant issues with other LGBT survivors who have travelled a similar road to yourself.

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