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I enjoyed this book because it provided a plan that I could put in place without hiring an expect. For those that have never been online, or, those that are relatively new to the online experience; this book provides a great overview.

The authors did a great job of making it easy for the average reader. The authors have done an excellent job at reducing complex psychological phenomena to an easily understandable level.

Also, they have highlighted most of the major elements that comprise the online experience.

It would be unwise to confer upon another a 'label' based upon certain behaviors.

I do not feel that this book would be of tremendous value to the experienced online user for it fails to address some of the "real" issues that confront us all, i.e., confusion, guilt, anxiety, etc.


It is very difficult to write any book; and certainly this subject matter is resistant to typical definitions in the absence of all the affect of real life inducements that typify reactive behaviors.

The authors 'flirt' around with psychodynamic concepts, but fail to broach the subject deeply; probably by choice.

However, for the experienced user, certain psychological factors that have been only briefly touched upon, could be misinterpreted.

The authors did not differentiate between that which constitutes 'personality' and that which would constitute 'character', and lay their emphasis on the observation of one's personality as a yardstick of cyber discernment.

Mobile chats have been making big news here lately.

With the rise of cell phones almost reaching the same intensity of personal computers there isn’t any wonder why people are choosing this form of communication more and more.


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    When Metropolitan Toronto amalgamated its six internal cities into one in 1998, it created a new "mega-city" known simply as Toronto, now made up of varied and unique neighbourhoods.

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    Before you judge me though, my ‘cheating’ has been strictly investigative.

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    C has not actually disappeared, it has simply moved out of the atmosphere.

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    Several years later, “The Diplomats” signed a record deal with “Def Jam Recordings” and “Roc-A-Fella Records” founded by Jay-Z, and began working on their debut album.

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    Now those gloriously elaborate furniture quality mounts appear to be solid silver. Immediately one begins to carefully study the color, the casting, and realize these are rare Paktong mounts–Chinese white copper.

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