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I haven't yet found any other sources but could let you know if I come across any during my studies.Staffordshire dialect My workmates use to use the word 'fridging' which meant rubbing or causing you to itch!Judy Light Judy Light Stoek on Trent Stafordshire dialect We always used the words 'cob' or 'strop't0o denote someone having a trantum or being in a bad mood!It's quite old, contains dialect words from all areas of England.It was published in New York and London so maybe your local library might have a copy.Brian Pearce-Jervis Brian Pearce-Jervis Stoke on Trentkweedlin'/queadling My Mum (Hanley born and bred) used to call it kiddling. (She meant have a root around.)Paul Juckes Girona, Spain Costs no more to speak correctly?Tell yer this, Derek, it'll cost our langwidge if we dunna towk lark way shud.I trained as a mental health nurse in the early nineties at St Edwards hospital where among other duties, I sometimes had to translate when local patients were being seen by doctors.



He kept repeating himself to the doctor, "Ajust want goo wom...Ajust want goo wom.", meaning, "I just want to go home." It's perhaps just as well I was there because the doctor was about to recommend that the man be detained under the mental health act because he'd understood this phrase to be a fixation with returning to the womb!


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