Cpap dating love

I just can't seem to be open about my medical situation.I hide everything under the bed and on the "few" nights my potential partner has spent the night, I wait until he is fast asleep and pull out by Nasalaire II and extra long hose with the rest of my gear still under the bed so everything isn't medical looking if he wakes up.It never fails to cheer me up and put everything in perspective :wink: I still keep my NA II for special nights (still too embarrassed for anyone to see me in my hybrid mask) :cry: I'll get over it when I find the right person. Then you have to explain how serious the condition is left untreated and the bad things that will happen to you without the mask.

I'd wonder what else they were hiding once they came clean." - Sleepless in St. When I got my first CPAP I was a little embarrassed too. When I first received my mask, I put it on along with a motorcycle helmet and paraded around the house in front of my family and friends. They even called me Maverick from the movie Top Gun for a little while. I have a new boyfriend now, and even though we haven't taken things to that level yet, I made it clear to him upfront that I have it, why I have it, and how much better I feel with it. He's used to the idea and even reminds me to use it, he can tell when I haven't used it in awhile by the way I look, feel, and act.

You'd be surprised how well men can handle these things." - downriverrose "Well, my long-distance boyfriend just left after a week long visit.


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