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Well, who do these people think they are, Rush Limbaugh? He's probably the only Republican in the country with a cheap prescription drug plan." --Jay Leno"Rush Limbaugh and his third wife has broken up. Prosecutors say that they have enough evidence to put him away on 10 felony counts." --Jay Leno"Rush Limbaugh was arrested at an airport because he had illegal Viagra. Say what you want about Bill Clinton, but the man was always there to answer the call, ladies and gentlemen" --Jay Leno"Rush Limp-baugh was detained for more than three hours at the Palm Beach Airport after officials found a bottle of Viagra in his possesion with someone else's name on it. How ironic is that: the one Republican with a plan to get cheap prescription drugs and they try to arrest him." --Jay Leno"Happy birthday to Rush Limbaugh. Apparently, she came home early and found him with their pharmacist." —Jay Leno"Rush Limbaugh and his wife are divorcing and experts say this could get ugly. This would be the biggest blow to the conservative movement since Anne Coulter announced she had a penis." —Bill Maher"Pretty ironic, that the only Republican with a prescription drug plan is Rush Limbaugh.The Democrats are upset, because if they knew that, they would have passed the bill years ago." --Craig Ferguson"Did you hear that Rush Limbaugh's Manhattan penthouse is on the market for million? Although, he said, ' After listening to Rush Limbaugh, maybe I was a little too hasty.'" --Jay Leno"It's getting nasty now between President Obama and Rush Limbaugh.


" --Jay Leno"In Washington, in response to President Obama's stimulus package, Rush Limbaugh proposed his own stimulus package. That's what's going to set the country back on track.Actually, Rush Limbaugh's stimulus package is just a package containing a big bottle of stimulants." --Craig Ferguson"Al Qaeda has unleashed a stream of verbal attacks against President Obama, calling him names and saying his policies will all end in failure.


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