Cost of dating scan

When I saw my regular GP (I had to see someone else for the dating scan referral) she wrote me a referral to get the NT done at RPAH - and it didn't cost me a thing.I am going public though (at Canterbury, but they don't see you until after 12 weeks, and don't do scans, so their patients can get scans done at RPAH). Thanks Leez, I'll ask my doc for a referral to the hospital.I just booked my 12 week NT scan and it's 0 before Medicare (which is -60 refund apparently).I remember from my previous children the scans were expensive but that others around Australia don't pay anywhere near this amount. My SIL lives on the far north coast of NSW and paid 0 but for some reason was not eligible for a medicare refund, not sure why. Plus I just got the bill for the blood test, is then I get sone back from Medicare.But I got the referral from my Fertility Specialist - my OB only sends patients to the private ultrasound place.


I booked my NT scan with them as well, and they wanted 5 for the scan, referred me to a non-bulk-billing pathology place for the bloods, and you have to pay Sydney Genetics for the blood results.

Spirited, both my previous births I went public but my doctor has always referred me to SUFW and it's cost me so much.

I wouldn't mind if I knew that's just what it costs but some people pay nothing, some pay half what I was paying and some pay the 315 for u/s plus 100+ for bloods.

So just wondering if anyone gets it cheaper in Sydney?? With DS2 I got refered to a private place (by chance) and the U/S and bloods were closer to 0 before Medicare refund. I have had u/s there that cost hundreds of dollars - at the private clinic downstairs.

I didn't think the hospital itself did u/s (maybe they do if you're high risk?? Salone - you have to get a referral to the RHW Department of Medical Imaging ph.I thought this time I might try and pay less too Thanks everyone!


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